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Products Specifications:
BK®-192F is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for oil-based drilling mud (fluid).
1.      Advantages:
Impart viscosity and suspension propertiesto oil-based drilling fluids.
Used to gel oil drilling fluids for long-term suspension of weighting agents in drilling and packer fluids.
Stable at temperatures approaching 204℃
Aids in filtration control
Usually preferered in diesel oil based fluids. Should not be used in high performance clay-free oil based drilling fluids.
2.      Typical Properties:
Color Appearance Density Moisture
Fineness through 200 mesh Loss on Ignition
( @1000℃ )
Light Yellow Free Flowing Powder 1.6g/cm3 ≤4.0% 84% ≥35%
3.      Typical Applications:
Helps viscosify any oil-based drilling fluid
Helps improve hole cleaning during drilling and workover operations
Gel oil muds for long-term suspension of weighting agents in packer fluids and casing packs 
4.      Typical Treatment:
Add 1-15lb/bbl(2.86-42.80kg/m3) of BK®-192F viscosifier slowly through the hopper. 
Note:Decrease yielding time by adding a small stream of water through the hopper at the same time
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