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Products Specifications:
BK®-882S is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for oil-based drilling mud (fluid).
1.      Advantages:
Good suspension,thixotropy and stability in crude oil,diesel oil systems.
Easy of incorporation. No need for polar activator or making pregel.
Furnish the drilling mud(fluid) with good suspension,wall-protection and anti-filtration properties.
Maintain stable physical performance under the pressure of 108 at the temperature of 230℃.
2.      Typical Properties:
Color Appearance Density Moisture
Fineness through 200 mesh Loss on Ignition
( @1000 )
white Free Flowing Powder 1.6g/cm3 3.5% ≥98% ≤40%

3.      Typical Applications:
Oil-based drilling mud (fluid)
Oil-based free stick mud (fluid)
Emulsion oil drilling mud (fluid)
Reverse emulsion oil drilling mud (fluid) 
4.      Typical Formulations:
A.          Water-in-oil emulsion mud formulation:
Substances Ratio(%)
0#(or 10#) diesel 75-85
Aqueous solution of calcium chloride 25-15
Oleic acid 2.0-2.5
Sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate 2.0
Naphthenic acid amide 4.0
BK®-882S 2.0
Lime 1.5-3.0
Barite Proper quantity
B. Oil-based free stick mud(fluid) formulation:
Substances Ratio
0# diesel 180ml
Chlorinated asphalt 73.5g
White lime 10.6g
Naphthenic acid 7.0g
Stearinic acid 31.5g
Humic acid amide 21.0g
BK®-882S 21.0g
Sulfonated tall oil asphalt 10.5g
Aqueous solution of calcium chloride 50ml/L
Barite Proper quantity
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