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Products Specifications:
BK®-181N Well Drilling Mud Bentonite
BK-181N Bentonite swells greatly when it meets water. It owns excellent colloid nature and can increase the viscosity of suspend fluid. While it is applied in well drilling mud, it can improve the lubricating property of drilling tools and can clean the rock clinker. It is widely applied in drilling constructions at stratums with complicated structures to avoid accident.
This product is according with ISO13500:1998 (Eqv GB-T5005-2001) standard, it has good suspension, high thixotropy ,little filtrate volume ,excellent capability of making mud. It’s convenient in usage and is easy to adjust the density of the well drilling slurry, etc. It is a basic raw material of deep drilling-well and ocean drilling-well project. Meanwhile, it can also be used in geological exploration, shield project and reservoir reinforcement and other industry.
Technical Data:
Item BK®-181N
Appearance Offwhite Free Flowing Powder
Moisture(2hrs,105℃)    ≤10 %
Viscosity 600r/min ≥30
Yield point/plastic viscosity ratio ≤3.0 yp/pv
Filtrate volume  ≤15 cm3
Bulk Density  780-890g/cm3
Residue of diameter greater than 200mesh ≤4%

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