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BD-1 clay desiccant

BD-1 clay desiccant is made of the natural bentonite mineral as the raw material by the special process purifying. This new desiccant has high quality and reasonable price. It can replace (or partly replace)the silica gel desiccant. With the stable chemical property, this Bentonite desiccant is non-poisonous and tasteless. It doesn’t pollute the environment, can be regenerated or used repeatedly.



It is apply to the damp-proof, moisture-absorbing and mould-proof of the sealed package of the products for military and industry (e.g.: ammunitions, weapons),as well as the products for civilian use (eg: apparatus, instrument, electronic products, medicine, books, food, clothes)


Technical characteristic
(1). High percentage of moisture adsorbance:(>30%,RH=40%;>17%,RH=20%)
(2).Quick speed of adsorbing
(3).Besides moisture, it can adsorb other pernicious gas (e.g.: formaldehyde) and strang smell(eg: ammonia)
(4).Non-poisonous, tasteless, non-pollution, non-corrosion and non-radiation
(5).It can be used repeatedly without decrease of the moisture-absorbing percentage
(6).Pernicious element content: As=10ppm,Pb=30ppm,which is lower than the food standard
(As=10ppm, Pb=40ppm, Hg=40ppb)
(7).Chart of the moisture-absorbing percentage,while the relative humidity below 20%

Specification:Processing in 0.5-500g is available.



Adopting plastic film for the inner-packing to seal and proof damp, while the paper box is adopted foe the outer-packing.
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