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The fifth "magnesium expo" into the countdown

2012 "the fifth China international fair in liaoning magnesia materials" (hereinafter referred to as "magnesium expo") on September 20,-22 in shenyang liaoning industrial exhibition hall held, this will be the liaoning province people's government industrial special resources protection office after a session held a "magnesium fair".


The fifth "magnesium expo" exhibition area of 15000 square meters, a 550 international standard booths. This "magnesium fair" to "accelerate product structure adjustment, and stronger special resources industry" as the theme, will be the major display magnesia refractory products at home and abroad, magnesium chemical products and various kinds of magnesium, boron, talc resources, technology and related equipment, etc. Congress will also hold special resources industry development industry forum will, science and technology project fields, and held the same period 2012 China nonmetallic industry association annual meeting and bentonite professional committee of international bentonite industry development peak BBS.