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Environmental pollution is serious, the environmental protection tide surging

   "Reducing pollution haze, defending the sky" is the most popular and complained topic in the past two years, the fog haze of VOC (volatile contaminants) is built into the scope of governance by the government. In recent years, water-based paint environmental protection’s requirement is never being ignored. We know that about 50% traditional paint’s content is toxic, pollutional, combustible, in the process of coating film, the solvent evaporate into the air.

      At present, most of the furniture using solvent paint coating, it polluted the atmosphere environment seriously. By contrast, water-based wood coatings have healthy environmental protection, safety use, save resources, although it still need to further improved in water resistance, coating mechanics performance, construction technology and other aspects. As people’s environmental protection consciousness, the process of water-based wood coatings is irreversible.Countries has put forward clearly to promote using water-based coating, the coating as representative of environmentally-friendly is a good news, so the transformation of development potential is huge.