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Prospects for the development of waterborne coatings

   In recent years, China's paint industry got rapid development, since 2008 China paint production reached a record 6380000 tons, to become the second largest after the United States coatings producer. However, the problem of environmental protection paint products has been the industry concerned about the topic, the paint industry and the rapid development of the sharp contrast, waterborne coatings in China has developed for nearly 10 years, has been tepid, the road of development is slightly long, with foreign waterborne coating of a large gap.

      Recently, composed of several well-known enterprises and Research Institute of water paint industry organizations -- water platform officially established, held the news media volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions control. Future, the group will focus on in the context of the entire industry efforts to promote coatings, adhesives and printing inks market by solvent into water, strongly advocated the widespread use of water-borne coatings.

   Aqueous coating is a new environmental protection coating of traditional coatings, its environmental protection principle is used instead of traditional paint thinner. Compared with traditional organic solvent coatings, waterborne coatings has three major advantages. First, safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly, water wood paint, non flammable, no smell, VOC unit content is low, reduce the incidence of fire risk and skin diseases. Second, good film performance, water-based paint in addition to all the performance with the traditional paint film and more resistant to ultraviolet radiation, the color change is smaller, furniture items for longer life. Third, good construction performance, the work time, construction temperature, recoat time, filling the two equivalent, and waterborne wood paint is not volatile can be as high as 50%, traditional lacquer is only 20%. Therefore, water coating can effectively reduce the occupation disease incidence rate of construction personnel.