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New Products Developement

In order to comply with the national environmental protection strategy, we took advantage of the trend and launched environmentally friendly rheology additive suitable for water-based, solvent-free, high-solid coating systems, including water-based bentonite, new organic bentonite, laponite protecti......

more> [ 2020/9/18]

Sprint for the last month

Only one month left to the comingannual assessment. Our company is about to hold our annual meeting.Asthe impact onepidemic, the past half year has been a toughone for foreign trade industries. Trapped into such a dilemma,our company is actively facing the difficulties andour salesmen are strivin......

more> [ 2020/7/3]

Market Trend under Pandemic

Due to the fact tertiary amine (one key raw material being used to make organoclay) are used in producing disinfectant under pandemic,price of it continuously hit historical high record. The supply of tertiary amine is extremely limited now. For domestic market, a minimum 10% increase on price was a......

more> [ 2020/6/19]

Hangzhou Jingyi Chemical Continues to Provide High Quality P...

Withtheimprovementoftheepidemicsituation,ourcompanyalsostrivestoresumeproductiontoensure continuousservicetocustomers.Duetothelargebacklogofoutbreaksandthecontinuousliftingofbansand resumptionofworkinvariouscountries,wehavealsoexpandedourproductioncapacitytoprovidethebest qua......

more> [ 2020/5/22]

Professional technology of animal feed products training

Our company conducted the technology of animal feed product training in our Lin’an office. We recommend our new product of BK-CU for customer. Thisproduct is a kind of modified nano montmorillonite formed by intercalation of polymerized copper ions into the layers of mo......

more> [ 2020/3/4]

Hangzhou Jingyi quickly resumed production after holiday

Hangzhou Jingyi Chemical Co.,Ltd quickly resumed production with epidemic prevention measures during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. China, the world's second-largest economy, practically shut down three weeks ago as a viral outbreak which unexpectedly lengthening a Chinese holiday....

more> [ 2020/2/18]

Rheological Additive-BK-887T

BK-887TRheological Additive GENERAL INFORMATION BK-887Tis a natural aluminosilicate thickening bentonite agent, the main component is the hydrophilic high-purity special modified montmorillonite, it could replace BentoneLT. ADVANTAGES ☆ Thix......

more> [ 2020/1/10]

Chinese New Year Holiday&American Coatings show2020

From Jan 20th to Jan 31th 2020 is our Chinese New Year Holiday, which is the most important holiday in China. We will hold a meeting on Jan 18th, 2020 to discuss our annual tasks and establish the new sales tasks for the year of 2020. We hope to achieve better results in the year of 2020. New year,......

more> [ 2019/12/18]

Hangzhou Jingyi Chemical Attended Chinacoat 2019

Nov.18th to Nov. 20th,2019,The 24th Chinacoat Show isgrand holdingat Shanghai New International Expo Center.It is reported that Chinacoat Showhas been serving the coatingsindustry since 1996. It is committed to providing an international display and trading platform for the coatings industry's su......

more> [ 2019/11/20]

Wastewater Treatment Agent

The product is made of bentonite and organic/inorganicmodifier. It has swelling property, ion exchange ability and absorption capacity and so on. The modification of bentonite makes its carbon content increased, improves hydrophobicpropertiesand the ability of organisms removal. Inorganic modifie......

more> [ 2019/10/17]

Hectorite for EOR

Our company launches hectorite forEnhancedOilRecovery(EOR) in oil drilling industry.Enhanced oil recovery, also calledtertiary recovery, is the extraction of crude oilfrom an oil fieldthat cannot be extracted otherwise. EOR can extract 30% to 60%or more of a reservoir's oil,compared to 20% to 40%......

more> [ 2019/9/24]

Join us at Chinacoat 2019 Shanghai

The big event Chinacoat is coming again. This time we will wait for you in Shanghai from Nov 18 to Nov 20. Our Booth No. is E6.D05, welcome to our stand for a short meeting. ...

more> [ 2019/8/28]


The 11th Shanghai International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibitionwhich is the highest level exhibition in the world,will be held in shanghai next month. It is a regular meeting of the international petroleum and petrochemical industry.Towards a sustainable futurefor JINGYI CHEMICA......

more> [ 2019/7/22]

Business Trip to South Korea

Early this month, we paid visit to South Korea and the customers located there. They are mainly distributors and end users of our products-rheology modifier(organoclay). Through this visit, we get to know the market situation and each customer’s different application better. Based on the info we......

more> [ 2019/6/18]

Ink Grade Rheological Additive

Recently, Jingyi has developed several upgraded rheological additive for ink filed. Compared with normal grade, they are easier to disperse. BK-140SF is one of the new grades. It has high gelling efficiency over low, medium and high polarity organic liquids. No need for polar activat......

more> [ 2019/5/29]

New Grade Rheological Additive Used in Cosmetic Field

Organoclay used in cosmetics is the most important project for Jingyi chemical in the year of 2019. The new developed grades can be widely used in eye cream, facial cream, colour cosmetics, emulsion,antiperspirants, sunscreens, lipsticks, hair conditioner. Welcome to contact us for asking T......

more> [ 2019/4/29]

European Coatings Show 2019

On March 21, 2019, the three-day European Coatings Exhibition (ECS2019) ended in the exhibition center in Nuremberg, Germany. The exhibition is held every two years and is the first professionalcoatingevent in the sameindustry. Zhejiang Fenghong New Material Co.,Ltdand the global coa......

more> [ 2019/3/29]

Garamite1958 Replacement New Product Recommendation-BK-200B

BK-200B is a product with high gelling efficiency over low,mediumand highpolarity organic liquids, it is easy of dispersion especially in styrene and alcohol solvent.It can replace fumed silica in epoxy resin systems and unsaturated resin systems withbetter thixotropy performance. BK......

more> [ 2019/2/18]

Chinese New Year Holiday&European Coating show2019

From Jan 30th to Feb 11th is our Chinese New Year Holiday, which is the most important holiday in China. We will hold a meeting on Jan 29th, 2019 to discuss our annual tasks and establish the new sales tasks for the year of 2019. We hope to achieve better results in the year of 2019. New year, new ......

more> [ 2019/1/17]
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