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New Water-based product Pugel-622

PUGEL 622 is a non-ionic, solvent-free hydrophobic-modification and Ethylene-oxide-polyurethane rheology modifier, which is designed to supply high and low shear viscosity, pseudoplastic rheological property and excellent thickening efficiency. Unlike traditional rheological modifier, PUGEL 622 has excellent sagging property , and its impact on the flow and levelling property is a minimum. Unlike acrylic thixotropy thickener. It does not influence the water base.

PUGEL 622 can be used for various water-based paint, printing ink, adhesives formulation. It is especially suitable for precipitation effect of water-based metal coatings of aluminum powder control. It can control coatings sagging. PUGEL 622 can be used to highlight, semi-gloss, mercerizing and matt acrylic emulsion formula. High shear thinned rheological characteristics can be used for spraying in the construction. It can be adjusted after viscosity. It can be added directly pumping. The addition is 0.4% ~ 1.6%.


Excellent thickening property.

Excellent sagging property , and doesnt influence the flow and levelling property. Water resistance, good physical stability. Wide PH adaptability, can be used in weak acidic, neutral and alkaline conditions.