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New Product -- Mycotoxins Adsorbent JY-FCO

Recently our company has launched a new product: High-efficiency Montmorillonite Adsorbent for Mycotoxin JY-FCO. The material of the product is natural nano bentonite which is firstly selected. Through water purification, nano stripping, reaming surface and calcination; the material finally turn into this product. It is a refined efficient montmorillonite adsorbent for mycotoxin.


JY-FCO can be added directly into feed additive with the function of moisture absorption and anti agglomeration.This product can also be used as binder for pellet feed and has a significant absorption for aflatoxin in the feed.


In addition, this product can be mixed with fungicides(propionic acid, sodium diacetate etc), which can greatly improve anti-mold effects. JY-FCO can also be mixed with yeast cell wall, chitosan etc, which can improve anti-mildew effect. It can be used as suspending agent and nutrient carrier by mixing with zymin.


Physical And Chemical Characteristics of JY-FCO



Bulk Density



Light yellow

Free Flowing Powder