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Products Specifications:
BK®-500A is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for
solvent-based systems of high polarity.
1.      Advantages:
High gelling efficiency over high polarity organic liquids, especially in aromatic,alcohol, ketone,and the compounds of above.
Produce reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range.
Imparts particle suspension, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers.
Exerts strong film reinforce action in organic binder systems.
2. Typical Properties:
Color Appearance Density Moisture
Fineness through 200 mesh Loss on Ignition
( @1000 )
Light Yellow Free Flowing Powder 1.8g/cm3 3.5% ≥98% ≤45%
3.      Typical Applications:
Acrylic paint Primer paint
Alkyd paint  Silica paint
Anti-corrosion paint Solvent epoxy paint
Bituminous paint Inks(mineral oil)
Container paint Inks(Nitro)
Industrial paint  Nitro lacquer
Marine paint  
4.      Incorporations:
BK®-500A belongs to the conventional type of organoclay group, which requires mechanical energy, shear forces applied with a goods dispersion equipment, and a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organoclay platelet stacks.
Polar Activator: Dosage of polar activator ( such as propylene carbonate, 95%ethanol , acetone or 95% methanol) is 20%-50% by weight of BK®-500A.
It is always recommended to determine the proper level of addition by experiment.  Either defect or excess of chemical activator would result in poorer viscosity development.
5.      Recommended Levels:
The amount of BK®-500A rheological additive required depends upon the type of organic system and the degree of thickening or other properties desired. Addition levels are typically between 0.2%-2.0% based on the total formulation weight.
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