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Products Specifications:

BK®-923 is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for solvent-based systems of low, medium and high polarity.

☆ High gelling efficiency over low,medium and high polarity organic liquids.
☆ Easy of incorporation. No need for polar activator or making pregel.
☆ Consistent in rheology and thixotropy development.
☆ Easy of dispersion with excellent fineness.In suitable systems, it can reach 5μ  or even less.
☆ Good anti-sagging property and anti-sediment property.
☆ Can be added at any step,even can be used in post-addition to correct the final viscosity of a certain batch.
2.Typical Properties:
Color Appearance Density Moisture
Fineness through 200 mesh Loss on Ignition
( @1000℃ )
Light Yellow Free Flowing Powder 1.7g/cm3 ≤3.5% ≥99% ≤38%
3.Typical Applications:
●Acrylic paint ●Solvent epoxy paint
●Alkyd paint ●Inks(mineral oil)
●Anti-corrosion paint ●Inks(Nitro)
●Bituminous paint ●Adhesive
●Baking paint ●Putties and sealant
●Chlorinated rubber paint ●Varnish
●None solvent epoxy paint ●Nitro lacquer
●Marine paint ●Lubricating grease
●Silica paint  
4. Incorporations:
BK®-923 belongs to the unconventional type of organoclays group, being an easy-to-disperse, self-activated organoclay, BK®-923 does not require a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organoclay platelet stacks.
BK®-923 can be added at any point in the manufacturing process. If addition is made with polar activator or after grinding,better performance can be expected.
5. Recommended Levels:
The amount of BK®-923 rheological additive required depends upon the type of organic system and the degree of thickening or other properties desired. Addition levels are typically between 0.2%-1.5% based on the total formulation weight.

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